Last Man Standing - Week 5

Last Man Standing
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Michael Corkum 07850234088
NOTE:  If you don't select a team you will be selected the highest placed team which you haven't yet picked.
Week 5
Saturday, 13 October 2012
Tottenham v Chelsea 12:45 
Fulham v Aston Villa 15:00 
Liverpool v Reading 15:00 
Man Utd v Stoke 15:00 
Swansea v Wigan 15:00 
West Brom v Man City 15:00 
West Ham v Southampton 15:00 
Norwich v Arsenal 17:30
Sunday, 14 October 2012  
Sunderland v Newcastle 13:30 
QPR v Everton 16:00
Players Selection
  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Paid?
Chris Scott Man United Chelsea Man City Spurs Liverpool Y
Michael Corkum Newcastle         N
Michael Hunter Spurs         Y
Chris Nicholl Man United Chelsea Man City Arsenal   Y
Da Corkie Man City Chelsea Liverpool Arsenal   Y
Maccers Newcastle         Y
Deano Swansea         Y
Ken Spurs         Y
Trevor -          
Lenny -          
Craig Bell -          
Jamie Bryson Man United Chelsea Man City Everton   N
Stuart Beattie Stoke         Y
Ducky Newcastle         N
Croker Man United City       Y
Ollie Man City Chelsea Man United Spurs   Y
Ben Spurs         N
Glenn -          
Stevie Cairnduff Man City Liverpool Chelsea Arsenal Man United Y
Lee Goodwin Newcastle         N
Dee Gilmore Man City Spurs Chelsea Man United   N
Davey Nannery Man United Spurs Everton Chelsea   Y
Aaron Caldwell -          
Mark Knell Man City Spurs Liverpool Chelsea   Y
Gary McKibbon Man City Newcastle Liverpool Chelsea   Y
Johnny Hill Newcastle         N
Ryan Chapman -          
Carl O'Neill Everton         Y
Scotty -          
William Man United Spurs Chelsea Man City   N
Ryan Robinson Newcastle         N
David Moneypenny Man City -       N
Gordon Holmes Swansea         N
Peter Daley Man City -       Y
Nigel Dempsey Tottenham         Y
Joe Whitson Man City Spurs Liverpool Chelsea   Y
James Sproule Man City Fulham Chelsea Arsenal   N
Paddy Fitzpatrick Swansea         Y
Aidan Gillan Tottenham         Y
Marty Man City Newcastle Chelsea Spurs   Y
Connor Man City Spurs Everton West Brom   Y
Besty Everton         Y
Jimmy Everton         Y
Last Man Standing - Week 5

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