Craigavon AVC 1-5 1st Bangor FC

1st Bangor emerged victorious from a bloody affair down in Craigavon, running out 5-1 winners after a tense first half.

1st Bangor started sluggish, weighed down with heavy legs on a heavy pitch after a week's heavy rain. Craigavon looked brighter, sharper, passing freely as if playing in the playground back at school…but with an undercurrent of steel as the challenges were anything but playful. A kick here, an elbow there and the match suddenly became feisty. 1st Bangor began to battle and eventually struck first, Robinson flighted free-kick met with power and precision by Scott to give 1st Bangor a 1-0 lead.

Craigavon continued to threaten, the off-the-ball incident count rising like skyscrapers in Dubai. Like a bull-dog with bone, Craigavon would not let go once they got into 1st Bangor's half and their persistence eventually provided dividends, goal, 1-1.

Anger, frustration at half-time for 1st Bangor, a metaphorical kick in the backside was needed and was duly delivered from the management team of Knell and McGibbon. A new revitalised 1st Bangor emerged from the changing rooms and took charge of proceedings. McCormick into the box, one touch, set himself, bang, into the corner of the net, great finish 2-1 1st Bangor. McCormick again, 20 yards out, shouts to hold possession from the sideline, draws back his leg like the trigger on a sniper rifle and….GOAL….like a bullet straight into the top corner. 3-1.

1st Bangor storming forward now, the midfield of Caldwell, Scott, Robinson and Oliver overrunning Craigavon as the back four of Sproule, Corkum, Beattie and Gourley began eating up the Craigavon attacks like ravenous hyenas feasting on their prey. McCormick and McPhillips alert, alive, causing problem after problem as Craigavon struggle to stay afloat.

Gourley in one of his best performances of the season sends Oliver sprinting away down the right wing, he crosses into the back post, Scott rises, connects a firm header…GOAL…4-1!

Craigavon were in bed but were still to get their cocoa and it was time for Oliver to give them it. He again sprints forward, arrows into the box, foul, PENALTY, Oliver takes, Oliver scores…5-1! Good night Craigavon, and a good night ahead for 1st Bangor.

Team: C O'Neill, M Corkum, B Gourley (C Munn), J Sproule, S Beattie (C Nicholl), Robinson, Scott, Caldwell, Oliver, McCormick, McPhillips

Craigavon AVC 1-5 1st Bangor FC

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