Newington FC 1-3 1st Bangor FC

1st Bangor descended from a nearly nordic Newington match with all 3 points after a hard fought match saw them earn a 3-1 win.

As the sides lined up to do battle on a chilled Autumn afternoon, the air grew as still as the water which lay like glass just beyond view of the sea-side pitch.  The leaves on the surrouding trees stirred as the players waited in anticipation until the the shrill sharp blast of the referee's whistle pierced through the anxiousness and gave rise for the action to commence.

Like single-minded vikings Newington surged at 1st Bangor, their goalkeeper launching the ball like a cannon-ball high into air and piercing 1st Bangor's defence time and again in the first half.  1st Bangor creaked then crumbled, a harsh free-kick from another long-ball attack giving Newington the opportunity to score, and score they did, the ball somehow squirming under the flying O'Neill to draw first blood for Newington.  Again the cannon-balls rained in, this time O'Neill's acrobatic save just enough to deny a point blank header from giving Newington a 2-0 lead.

1st Bangor rallied, Corkum, Gourley, Nicholl and Sproule finding their feet, standing tall and rebuilding their defence.  Caldwell and Oliver looked lively, darting around the Newington defence like bees around a honey-covered grizzly amidst the woods, but still finding a final penetrative surge to the sweet nectar elusive.

At half-time the manager's cry was for more commitment, more energy and more belief.  1st Bangor responded well, exploding out of the blocks like olympic sprinters from the half-time whistle, leaving Newington chasing shadows and wondering what had happened to the lacklustre 1st Bangor team from the first half.

As the pace increased, the chances began to muster, McCormick somehow finding Oliver alone and alert at the back post the drive home the ball like a knife deep into the side of Newington. 1-1.

Robinson, Beattie and Bryson began to find space in the centre of the pitch and like knights on their trusty steeds began to control the battle with ice-like temperament and precision.  Suddenly a shot, a save, a through-ball then McCormick GOAL 2-1!  Unbridled joy for the away side!

Newington were down on one knee, dizzy, weak, and, as Scott entered the fray and was inexplicably denied a penalty as he was scythed down in the box from behind, 1st Bangor smelt blood.

Caldwell down the left, cross, Robinson volley GOAL what a goal 3-1!  Breathing space and relief for 1st Bangor's warriors, a crushing blow for battle-scarred Newington.

1st Bangor will look to match the same fighting spirit shown in the second half when they meet 18th Newtownabbey next week. 

"I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious."

Team:  C O'Neill, M Corkum, B Gourley, C Nicholl, J Sproule, A Caldwell, M Robinson, S Beattie, S McCormick (C Scott), R Oliver

Newington FC 1-3 1st Bangor FC

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